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Getting to Innovation and Impact, Quickly
In this hands-on workshop, we’ll lead you and your team through a series of information gathering and design thinking activities that will teach you methods to explore any problem, then ideate and refine your way to a solution. You’ll learn how to root an investigation in the perspective and needs of a target user, how to conduct effective structured group brainstorming, and how to quickly refine and select an approach. You and your team will leave with the tools needed to run your own innovation project while drawing on your organization’s internal expertise.


The best way to learn is by doing. Our expert facilitators will come to you and lead your team through all the user research, design thinking exercises and lean techniques needed to kickstart an innovation project, whether it be a new internal service, a new public-facing product, or a wholesale re-imagining of an existing product or service. We can support efforts that advance new organizational initiatives or that are part of funded planning grants. We’ll work with you to craft a half-day design jam or a multi-day flash build or design sprint that will suit your team and your project goals. We can also run alongside you throughout the project, sharing methods, guidance, and tools to get you and your team to see results, quickly.