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To Quote or Not to Quote

Derek Miller, Harvard

How repeated citation makes Shakespeare legible (or not)

Cited Loci of the Aeneid

Matteo Romanello, EPFL DHLab

Find articles in JSTOR that quote or refer to specific passages of Virgil's Aeneid

Citation Popularity

Derek Miller, Harvard University

Display of all the lines of the plays, using weight and color to identify citation density

20th Century Scholarship

Beth Dufford, JSTOR Labs

A snapshot comparison of the number of articles in JSTOR quoting lines from Shakespeare's plays during the 20th century

Character Heatmaps

Jake Silva, JSTOR Labs

Interactive visualization showing a heatmap of the number of JSTOR articles quoting the top five Shakespeare characters per act.

Graphing Male vs. Female Shakespeare Characters

Alex Humphreys, JSTOR Labs

Percentage of quotations in JSTOR of male vs. female Shakespeare characters

Graphing Shakespeare Citations Over Time

Jake Silva, JSTOR Labs

Number of JSTOR articles citing Shakespeare per year

Universe of Shakespeare Plays

Xinyu Sheng, JSTOR Labs

Visualization showing Shakespeare's plays organized by number of articles quoting each character and play

Articles Quoting Shakespeare Plays

Ron Snyder, JSTOR Labs

Visualization graphing Shakespeare's plays organized by number of articles referencing each play

Character Citations

Xinyu Sheng, JSTOR Labs

Visualization showing the count of citations for quotes in Shakespeare plays, by character

Graphing Shakespeare

Andrew Gray,

Graphs showing number of citations per line for three of Shakespeare's plays (created without using the API)