Our APIs and Open Source Projects

Restful APIs for matching text passages to quoting JSTOR articles, extracting text to JSON, and inferencing topics.
Last updated: Jan 2018

Topicgraph Source Code
GitHub project containing the web application driving the JSTOR Labs topicgraph demonstration app.
Released: Dec 2016

Reflowit Source Code
GitHub project containing a proof of concept solution for the problem of using digitized texts on small form devices.
Released: Apr 2016

Showcase of Projects using our APIs

To Quote or Not to Quote by Derek Miller at Harvard

Cited Loci of the Aeneid by Matteo Romanello at the EPFL DH Lab

Citation Popularity by Derek Miller at Harvard

20th Century Scholarship by Beth Dufford at JSTOR

Character Heatmaps by Jake Silva

Character Gender by Alex Humphreys at JSTOR

Graphing Shakespeare Citations Over Time by Jake Silva

Universe of Plays by Xinyu Sheng

Articles Quoting Shakespeare Plays by Ron Snyder at JSTOR

Character Citations by Xinyu Sheng

Graphing Shakespeare by Andrew Gray