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Active Projects

The JSTOR Understanding Series

First released: November, 2018

Pick a text and pick a passage. Instantly see all the articles and chapters in JSTOR quoting that passage. With an ever-expanding roster of primary texts, the JSTOR Understanding Series is a powerful new way to research cultural and historical texts.

Plant Humanities Initiative

Generously funded by: The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

In partnership with Dumbarton Oaks, we aim through scholarly programming and tool development to advance the field of Plant Humanities, the interdisciplinary study that explores and communicates the unparalleled significance of plants to human culture.

Video Interview Archive

Generously funded by: Kunhardt Film Foundation

Documentarians are only often able to use only a small percentage of the interviews they capture. In this collaboration with Kunhardt Film Foundation, we will explore making full video interviews with historically significant figures made available for educational purposes.

Cultural History Baseball Cards

First released: July 2018

Pick a player, view their cultural history card, browse related primary and secondary resources. A collaboration with Library of Congress Labs, Cultural History Baseball Cards is a proof of concept showcasing a way to use Linked Open Data to connect diverse corpora.

Text Analyzer

Last major update: January 2018

First released: February 2017

Upload your own document to search for articles and books on JSTOR. Using text analysis to find the topics covered in a document and intuitive tools to refine your search results, Text Analyzer is a powerful new way to search.


First released: December 2016

Understand at a glance the topics covered in a book, then jump straight to pages about topics you’re researching. Developed as part of Reimagining the Monograph, Topicgraph helps users explore longform scholarship.

Reimagining the Monograph

White paper released for comment: December 2016
Final white paper released: June 2017

Consisting of both a white paper and the Topicgraph prototype, Reimagining the Monograph shows that design thinking can help unlock some of the value lost as longform scholarship has migrated to digital.

Understanding the US Constitution

First released: July 4th 2016

Select an article, amendment or clause to see all the articles in JSTOR that quote or cite it. Understanding the U.S. Constitution leads you to a library of constitutional scholarship -- in your pocket.

Exploring Rembrandt

First released: June 2016

Pick a painting to see scholarship from JSTOR about that painting. Developed with Artstor Labs shortly after Artstor and ITHAKA joined forces, Exploring Rembrandt is a proof of concept demonstrating the potential of using artwork as a portal into the scholarship about it.

Livingstone's Zambezi Expedition

First released: May 2015

Explore along with Dr. David Livingstone and his botanist John Kirk on their journey up the Zambezi River in East Africa. Incorporating rich materials from JSTOR Global Plants, Livingstone’s Zambezi Expedition allows researchers to explore plant specimens and primary source materials both geographically and chronologically.


First released: January 2015

Read page scan content easily on your phone’s small screen. Created at the New York Public Library Labs’ Open Book Hack Day, ReflowIt is a quick proof of concept that reflows the images of the words of scanned pdfs for better reading on a small device.

Graduated Projects

Understanding Shakespeare

Graduated: March 2019
Last major update: July 2015
First released: October 2014

Pick a play. Click a line. Instantly see articles on JSTOR that quote that line. Developed in partnership with the Folger Shakespeare Library, Understanding Shakespeare showcases the potential of using a primary text as a portal into the scholarship about it.
Understanding Shakespeare is no longer available, but all its features and content are available within the JSTOR Understanding Series

Classroom Readings

Graduated: January 2018
First released: August 2014

Find reading assignments to share with your students that are on topic and at their level. Populated by articles whose usage patterns on JSTOR suggest they were frequently taught in classes, Classroom Readings helps time-crunched teachers incorporate scholarly sources into their classes.
JSTOR Classroom Readings is no longer operational.

JSTOR Sustainability

Graduated: January 2018
First released: September 2014

Search a digital library of academic research covering issues related to environmental stress and its challenges for human society. JSTOR Sustainability helps researchers navigate an interdisciplinary terrain, with Topic Pages and Influential Articles (developed in partnership with the UW DataLab) acting as road signs.
JSTOR Sustainability is no longer operational. Many of its features and all its content are available on JSTOR here.


Graduated: May 2017
First released: February 2015

Snap a picture of any page of text and discover articles from JSTOR about the same topic. Providing a mobile research experience that isn’t just a stripped-down, small-screen version of desktop search, JSTOR Snap takes advantage of the unique qualities of your smart phone.
JSTOR Snap is no longer operational. Users of Snap will be redirected to Text Analyzer, which incorporates all that we learned on Snap and more.