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Credit Transfer Explorer

Credit Transfer Explorer

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Project initiated: 2023

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Over one-third of first-time students transfer at least once during their academic journey, but often they lose earned college credit when entering a new institution. Our colleagues in Ithaka S+R are hard at work trying to open the black box of credit transfer. They worked with the City University of New York to design and build the groundbreaking CUNY Transfer Explorer (T-Rex), which has helped over 150,000 users explore, discover, and use the over 1.6 million credit transfer rules for the CUNY system’s 20 undergraduate colleges.

Now, JSTOR Labs is partnering with Ithaka S+R to build a universal credit mobility website, inspired by T-Rex, which will connect students, institutions, and all those that support them with easily accessible, up-to-date, and accurate information on how credits transfer and count towards degrees.

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