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Reimagining the Monograph

Reimagining the Monograph

White paper released for comment: Dec 2016

Final white paper released: Jun 2017

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What we did:

  1. Conducted ethnographic research on historians researching with scholarly monograhs.
  2. Held a workshop at Columbia University in which, informed by the research, we brainstormed ways we could improve the experience of finding and using digital monographs.
  3. Tested the concepts of the best ideas, and then built one, Topicgraph.
  4. Documented the work of the project in a white paper.

What we created:


Reimagining the Digital Monograph: Design Thinking to Build New Tools for Researchers
Published in Journal of Electronic Publishing: February 19, 2018
Published as whitepaper: June 12, 2017
Draft released for comment: December 12, 2016

Topicgraph (prototype)
Understand at a glance the topics covered in the book, then jump straight to pages about topics you're researching.


Topicgraph code – Github project containing the code powering the web application

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Reactions to Our Work

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