New Project Announcement: Universal Credit Transfer Explorer

New Project Announcement: Universal Credit Transfer Explorer

Navigating the complexities of credit transfer in higher education is a challenge familiar to many learners. The disparities in credit recognition between institutions can often lead to lost credits, increased costs, and extended academic journeys. Recognizing this critical issue, we at JSTOR Labs are excited to announce that we are partnering with Ithaka S+R to launch a public, non-profit, national credit mobility website as part of the Articulation of Credit Transfer (ACT) Project.

Inspired by the impact of the CUNY Transfer Explorer (T-Rex), this national credit transfer exploration website will provide learners with an opportunity to see how credits they have earned will transfer to other colleges and universities and apply toward degree completion.

Our initial launch later this year will include data from a pilot cohort of institutions in Connecticut, South Carolina, and Washington state through partnerships with the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities system, the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education, and the Washington Student Achievement Council. The data integration from participating college source systems is powered by CampusAPI Requisite and Equivalency services from the nonprofit DXtera Institute.

Acknowledging the challenges inherent in the transfer process, we are working to increase transparency and make information easily accessible to students. One way we are doing this is by using a mobile-first approach in our design process. This allows us  to ensure that we can meet the needs of our users while accounting for limited screen size and mobile bandwidth.

We are thrilled for the work we’ve done thus far and can’t wait to share it with you all later this year. You can learn more about the project on its landing page here on the JSTOR Labs site or  by reading S+R’s blog post announcement.

Featured Image Caption: Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash